2022 - 2023


Auditions for the 2022 - 2023 season are now over. 

If you've missed auditions and you are interested in joining one of our award-winning competition teams, please email us for more information.

What is expected of competition dancers...

  •  Mandatory summer training for all team members.  Summer classes begin after July 4th weekend.

  • No more than three unexcused absences during the Fall session (excused absences include sickness, death in the family, or other approved circumstances) Excused absences do not include extended family vacations.


  • Mandatory attendance in at least four regional competitions.


  • A positive attitude and commitment to a higher level of training 


The Mission for our Competition Dance Teams is simple:  to provide opportunities for enrichment that go beyond the art of dancing. We strive to inspire, challenge and provide character-building experiences through dance and performance.  “Competition” is not just about winning. . . it is about striving to be the best you can be, and sharing your passion to do so.


Competition teams are a wonderful experience, but one that also requires a lot of hard work and a serious commitment.  While the focus is on competitions, we will also work on new dance techniques, flexibility, team building and self-confidence.  By making the commitment to join a team, you are agreeing to uphold a high set of standards.


It is expected that the dancers are just as committed to their instructors and their teams, as their teachers and teams are to them.  Dancers are expected to keep a professional attitude and appearance in the dance room as well as at competitions and other performance events. Let us demonstrate our Faith and stand out above the crowd when we are together.

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For an estimate of other common expenses, such as competition fees, costume fees, etc., please contact us for more information.