Payment Policy

Please note: we only accept payments through our online parent portal.  We ask that you please have a credit card, debit card, or bank account on file to avoid any delays in processing. If you are unable to login to your portal account, please contact us asap to find a solution.

All tuition will be processed automatically on the 1st of each month.  For this reason, a credit or debit card must be on file for your account. 

Any and all changes made to class enrollment must be made in writing (or email) before the 1st of the month in order to prevent unwanted charges to your account.


Late Payments

A $25 late fee will be assessed on the 10th of each month if a student has a balance on their account (this includes tuition, costume, and competition payments).  Students with accounts more than 30 days late will not be allowed to attend class until their balance is paid.  If you anticipate you will not be able to pay on time, please contact us to determine if an alternate pay schedule is possible.

Acro & Tumbling:

  • Acro dancers MUST be in dancewear. Dancers will not be allowed to participate if dressed in loose fitting t-shirt and shorts due to safety concerns.

  • A low bun is highly recommended for acro class as ponytails tend get in the way of spotting, get stepped on in bridges, and get pulled in partnering work.

  • Any color leotard or unitard is required (gymnastics or regular)

  • Optional spandex shorts, yoga capris, jazz pants, or athletic leggings.

  • Bare feet

Ballet/Ballet Technique/Pointe:

  • A leotard, any sleeve style and color they prefer

  • Footed or transitional tights (pink)

  • Pink leather or canvas ballet slippers

  • A wrap skirt or spandex shorts may be worn over leotard if desired.

  • Hair should be in a pony tail or bun for preschool through ballet 2 classes.

  • Ballet 3 or higher should have a bun for every class.

  • If weather is cool and it is chilly in the studio when students first arrive, dancers are allowed a form-fitting shrug or sweater until they warm up.

  • Pointe shoes must be worn at all times during Pointe classes



  • Leotard, any color or sleeve style

  • Dance shorts, fitted dance or athletic leggings (NO sweat pants or loose fitted t-shirts)

  • Lyrical shoes or bare feet (please check with instructor, as preferences vary)

Hip Hop:

  • Jazz or yoga pants, sweat pants, or comfortable shorts.

  • T-shirt or tank with supportive undergarment.

  • Thin Sole flexible sneakers. NO street shoes.

  • Hair out of face.                                                                                         

Jazz/Jazz technique/Musical Theatre:

  • A leotard, any color or sleeve style.

  • Tights, leggings or shorts

  • Tan leather jazz shoes or bare feet (please check with instructor, as preferences vary)

  • No T-shirts, tank tops, sports bras, skirts, baggy pants or warm-ups

  • Hair should be off the neck, in a pony or bun


  • Leotard, any color or sleeve style

  • Tights, leggings, pants or shorts.

  • Black tap shoes.

  • No T-shirts, tank tops, sports bras, skirts, baggy pants or warm ups.

  • Hair should be in pony or bun.​

Dress Code

Costume Policy

The recital costume fee will be $75 per student per registered class. If your child is in a combo class (ex. Ballet/Tap) the fee will be $100 for the combo class. Costume fees are due on November 1st.  If your payment is not received by the time the order is placed, your costume will not be ordered.  All costume payments are non-refundable once orders are placed, regardless of enrollment.

Competition costumes have separate fees and due dates.  Please refer to your competition handbook, or contact us for  fees and dates specific to your competition team.

Annual Recital

Each year we will hold an annual dance recital in June . The exact date will be announced as soon as it is confirmed by the venue.  In place of selling tickets individually we collect a recital fee from each family. This fee will cover the cost of the venue, staffing, rehearsal costs etc. The fee will be approximately $65 per family and this will be due by May 1st (price will be communicated when venue has confirmed). Included in this fee you will be able to invite as many guests as you would like to recital without buying individual tickets.