Dress Code

Acro & Tumbling:

  • Acro dancers MUST be in dancewear. Dancers will not be allowed to participate if dressed in loose fitting t-shirt and shorts due to safety concerns.

  • A low bun is highly recommended for acro class as ponytails tend get in the way of spotting, get stepped on in bridges, and get pulled in partnering work.

  • Any color leotard or unitard is required (gymnastics or regular)

  • Optional spandex shorts, yoga capris, jazz pants, or athletic leggings.

  • Foot Undeez are optional, but not required.  If Foot Undeez are not worn then bare feet

Ballet/Ballet Technique/Pointe:

  • A leotard with NO skirt attached. Dancers may choose any sleeve style and color they prefer

  • Footed or transitional tights (tan or pink)

  • Pink leather or canvas ballet slippers with elastics sewn correctly

  • A wrap skirt or spandex shorts may be worn over leotard if desired.

  • Hair should be in a pony tail or bun for preschool through ballet 2 classes.

  • Ballet 3 or higher should have a bun for every class.

  • If weather is cool and it is chilly in the studio when students first arrive, dancers are allowed a form-fitting shrug or sweater until they warm up.

  • Pointe shoes must be worn at all times during Pointe classes



  • Leotard, any color or sleeve style

  • Dance shorts, fitted dance or athletic leggings (NO sweat pants or loose fitted t-shirts)

  • Lyrical shoes, foot Undeez, or bare feet (please check with instructor, as preferences vary)

Hip Hop:

  • Jazz or yoga pants, sweat pants, or comfortable shorts.

  • T-shirt or tank with supportive undergarment. No midriffs showing.

  • Thin Sole flexible sneakers. NO street shoes.

  • Hair out of face.                                                                                         

Jazz/Jazz technique/Musical Theatre:

  • A leotard with NO skirt attached, any color or sleeve style.

  • Tights, leggings or shorts

  • Tan leather jazz shoes or bare feet (please check with instructor, as preferences vary)

  • No T-shirts, tank tops, sports bras, skirts, baggy pants or warm-ups

  • Hair should be off the neck, in a pony or bun


  • Leotard with NO skirt attached.

  • Tights, leggings, pants or shorts.

  • Black tap shoes.

  • No T-shirts, tank tops, sports bras, skirts, baggy pants or warm ups.

  • Hair should be in pony or bun.


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