Request a Performance


The King's Dancers has a 12 year reputation of providing high quality dance performances in a variety of styles. During these past 12 year we have had the privledge of performing at a variety of community events. These include church events and services, school events, park outreaches, local parades, nursing homes, local fairs like Niskaday, in addition to competitions regionally. There are a wide range of dance styles which appeal to different venues. If you are considering having The King's Dancers perform at your ministry, outreach or community event, please send an inquiry to


In your email, please put the subject line: Request a Performance

In your email body be sure to include:Your name, Your organization, your title, your email address, the date of the event, the location of the event, the duration of the event, the type of dance requesting (i.e. worship, ballet, Hip-Hop, etc.)