Fall -Spring


Class Schedule

Classes Begin Monday September 9, 2019

Monthly Tuition Costs  
Recreational Dance Classes
45 Min. Class - $40
60 Min. Class-$50
75 Min. Class - $60
90 Min. Class - $75
Competitive Team Classes
Acro Team $100 per month
Crew - $60 per month
Company - $120 per month
Petite Team Hip Hop-$50 per month
Petite Team-$80 per month
Musical Theater - $50 per month
*Well Rounded Dancer (unlimited amounts of teams or classes) $200 per month
Additional Notes:
** All Team Students besides Petite Team and Crew must take a ballet technique class at least once a week in addition to their regular time allotted.
**Acro and Musical Theater Students will need to take an additional ballet technique class sometime during the week if they are not taking ballet anytime else during the week. The Cost will be $25 extra a month for that additional class.
**All Junior Company and Senior Company students can take any extra ballet technique classes during the week at no additional cost.
**Acro Team Students must also take a ballet technique class NOT a recreational class.
*See Competition Team Page for Specific Information about Teams. 
** Recreational Acro and Musical Theater classes are NOT required to take ballet technique class only competitive team students.

All Classes Subject to Change based on Enrollment