Fall Schedule

Class will not be in session on the following days:

2021 - 2022

September 6th (Labor Day)

October 11th (Columbus Day)


November 11th(Veterans’ Day)


November 24-27 (Thanksgiving Recess)


December 23-Jan 2nd (Christmas Recess)


January 17th (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day)


Feb.21st (President’s Day)


Feb. 22-26 (Winter Recess)


April 15th – April 23rd (Good Friday/Easter Sunday/Spring Recess)


May 30th (Memorial Day)

In the case of class cancellations (inclement weather or other emergency) we will post to our FaceBook page and send out an email. Please be sure to check either of those places before heading out to class on days that are concerning.